How to Set Your Price

Setting a price can be one of the trickiest tasks for the wellness provider. Tune in to this podcast with Michelle Rae Sobi and Lori Porter to answer these questions. Even Nova chimes in from time to time!

LECTURE: 75 Minutes

Here are some factors that help you gauge tuition:

Have I met the minimum of students to enroll to run this program?

Am I near the maximum of closing this program?

Is this what the people want, or has society shifted towards a different need (ie Kids Yoga was not on my radar in 2019, but is highlighted in 2020.)

How much bandwidth does this program require?

Have I finished writing this program, and is it passive income at this point?

Is there a mentorship piece to this program that will prevent me from offering mentorship for another program?

Is this a short program or long program, and if it a long program, will it prevent me from running a new program alongside it?

Will it be the best use of energy for my student body?

Are you running this program to train future leaders for this program?

Does the world need some good news right now? (I run a sale, if so.)

Based on the outcome of each factor, along with the requirements of my governing bodies, I set a price. I hope this helps you decide what’s right for you.

Be sure you pull out your 300hr manual to compliment this lesson!

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