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Path to Graduation 

Hello all,

Now that we are on track and running a well-oiled machine online, I wanted to unpack my vision for this training. Before I do, let’s give a big round of applause to the 300hr YTTers who took a leap of faith to present over the last few weeks to help me sculpt this. I couldn’t have created it without you!

For those enrolled in the 300hr program:

Distinction: RYT 500

Learning Objective: Consume Data from trainer’s vantage point. 

Hours 1-100

Consume data presented to the 200hr folks online via podcasts, Zooms, written lessons in a Glimpse of Yoga to work towards mastery. Learn how Edge offers YTT from the other side of the mat. Fill out the 200hr manual to create your own teacher’s guide. Meet with Michelle at 100-hours to evaluate the direction you’d like this to go. Which platform are you most comfortable presenting on?

Learning Objective: Gain experience co-leading a 200. Develop a teaching style. 

Hours 101-200

Step up and take a leadership role. Earn experience assisting YTT. Platforms available to do so are: phone lectures, chat sessions, and Zoom video demos. Focus on filling out the mock workshop worksheets in the 300hr manual. Schedule graduation plan with Michelle at 200-hours. 

Hours 201-300

All you need to do now to finish up the last 100 hours using your mock workshop worksheets to present in YTT to the 200hr students. Work closely with Michelle on a weekly basis to do so. 

Homework Submission 

Fill out your workbooks, book report, the anatomy lessons listed in the anatomy podcasts with Shane, and celebrate! This can be done anytime prior to graduation, so enjoy the process!

Housekeeping Notes

Asteya: non-stealing

Come to live Zoom lessons prepared. Take a day or two to comb through the Welcome section on Teachable aka Keep an eye on Slack messages, announcements, and read the emails thoroughly. My first priority is to hold space for YTT. I hope this aids you in having a joyful and abundant training. 

The 300-our folks can send me a message via Slack. This is essential to keep a conversation thread going to refer to as the hours go by. I will be able to assist you best by reviewing these notes at your 100 and 200 hour mark for your personalized, graduation plan.

What to do it you are overwhelmed?

Consider this platform at like a library. It would be impossible to enter a library and "navigate" all of the books housed within it. As such, your librarian (aka me) will guide you on where to go and what to do. When in down, listed to one of the many podcasts, write a journaling reflection, snap a pic, and send a DM to Michelle in Slack. There is no right way to do these assignment, this is your personalized journey.

Workbook Wednesdays

We will be setting Wednesdays aside to work on our workbooks. This is a great time to share ideas, experiences, and community. I hope to see you there!


Michelle Rae Sobi, RYS

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