What's Your Message?

Ok! Let's have some FUN! Now is time to build your sandbox! So, tell me...what is your message?

Come up with a single phrase that encapsulates your services. Here are some examples:

Power Edge Yoga "A friendlier kind of Yoga"

Edge Yoga School "The Mind-Body Academy"

Michelle Rae Sobi "Yogi. Mentor. Creator."

Need inspiration? Ask a few friends about how they see your services and go from there!

Once you have your message, let's work on a mission statement. Elaborate on your catchphrase and build on it. We want this to be packed with power in three or four sentences.

Bullet out these few ideas:

What you do.

Why you do it.

Who you do it for.

When and where you do it.

When we break down the W's of what your mission is, it is easier to come up with witty ways to express it.

Tapped out? Don't know? Ready to close your computer now? Don't do that! Email [email protected] and we will guide you or take it from here. Your hopes and dreams aren't going to build themselves. If you build it, they will come! Stick with it!

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