What is your message?

When it comes to getting social, authenticity is a must. When deciding on what to post, start with what your message is. Think about what you are in alignment with and the WHY behind what you want to do. That is what you share.

I am a true believer in the cross-pollination approach to social media. In a sea of millions, it is hard to stand out and be interesting. It is much easier to be interested in others. Reacting, commenting, and sharing posts are some of the best approaches to building a network online. Once done, the law of reciprocity shows up just in time for others to ask you about what you do. Soon you'll find your message is embraced by those you have shown interest in.

Tip: Don't keep score. Give for the sake of giving, but be clear in your boundaries.

Things you need to know...

1. I'm an introvert. 

Yes, it's true! Even though people often comment on how friendly I am, what an amazing business person I am, what a "Spectacular Salesperson" I am - I heard that one today and it gave me all the feels! Here's the truth. What I am is good at sharing my authentic message. Since I genuinely would love nothing more than a world full of peeps living their hopes and dreams, the sales follow. More…