Here is how to graduate this 200-hour training so you may register with Yoga Alliance as an RYT 200:

  1. Reach 180 hours of training (live or recorded);
  2. Submit your one-page book report via a Direct Message in Slack;
  3. Submit your homework from Shane's anatomy's lessons via Slack;
  4. Submit your class Reflections via Slack;
  5. Mark all of your lessons in Teachable as COMPLETE (confetti everywhere);
  6. Check your inbox right after for an email from [email protected] with your certificate and forward it to me. This will serve as your petition to graduate;
  7. The final lesson in the 200hr program is FlipGrid, where you will submit a video of your completed workbook (or notebook, or typed notes, however you kept the lessons organized; and
  8. Send me a Direct Message in Slack that you have completed the above steps along with the dates you did so. Include how you would like your name to appear on your certificate. Certificates will be emailed. Live graduation ceremonies will be help periodically.

RYT 200 Path.pdf