Thanks for choosing our Pilates program! We look forward to sharing the foundation of this discipline with you. Did you know Pilates began with Joseph Pilates helping rehab wounded veterans?

Yoga is a cousin to Pilates but the biggest difference lies in the breath. While yoga is breath-centered in approach, Pilates believes core strength to be the foundation of good health. These two disciplines meld nicely in a fusion class!

Pilates is one of the best ways to establish core strength and by extension, health. Earn your Pilates Mat Certificate online with this self-paced course. This course will teach your forty-one postures with brilliantlly colored photos. Pilates simplified, with the cues you need to instruct a safe, effective course. Simply review the course, submit your class plan and respective video to receive your certificate!

This course includes a free copy of our coreXyoga® video, nominated Best Program at the SCW Fitness Conference in Chicago!

Please move through the lessons and upon completion, submit your class plan along with a thirty minute mock video of instructing a class. *It is okay to teach the class to your cat!